I-QMDAA, Quantitative Methods and Data Analysis in Archaeology

1st international summer school on quantitative methods for archaeology. The Summer School official website is at http://www.archeogr.unisi.it/qmdaa/

Here are some brief notes taken during the classes. They are far from complete but could be useful for a start.


  1. Computer Science Concepts for Archaeologists (R. Bagnara)
  2. Spatial Data, Complexity, and Introduction to Uncertainty (A. Moro)
  3. The State of the Art of Intra-site Spatial Analysis (H. P. Blankholm)
  4. Explaining the Shape, Size, Texture and Composition of Archaeological Artifacts (J. A. Barceló)
  5. Archaeological Data Analysis and Modeling with Open Source GRASS GIS (B. Ducke)
  6. Analyzing and Modeling Archaeological Distributions (K. Kvamme)
  7. Agent-based Modeling in Archaeology (M. Lake)
  8. Spatial Analysis: Human Settlement Pattern Analysis (G. Macchi)