ADS and adblocker

Today I was looking for a LRA1 link on the amphorae catalogue on the ADS website. I quickly found what I was looking for but I noticed that my browser (Epiphany) wasn’t showing the pictures, neither on the summary page nor in the detailed pictures page. I tried with Iceweasel^WFirefox and the pictures were there. The HTML source was a plain <img> tag. I started thinking about a bug in Epiphany: this is what free software makes you learn - that when things don’t work as expected most of the times it’s just another bug. But the solution was quite different… Computers are really good at their dumb work, and the adblocker is no exception, so the images from the http://ads.* domain were being blocked, just like any other spam ad service. Solving the problem was just a matter of adding a whitelist rule to the adblocker configuration, but it was funny enough to share it with you.

Late Roman Amphora 1