ArcheOS 1.0 “Akhenaton” is out!

ArcheOS 1.0 “Akhenaton” is the first live bootable CD built with archaeology in mind. Version 1.0 is out now, thanks to the effort of the Arc-Team.

It is a GNU/Linux live distribution built for archaeological aims and based on PCLinuxOS. It is also possible to install ArcheOs on your hardisk.

You can get it right here from the Arc-Team website, or from the mirror provided by Italian Linux Society, here.

ArcheOS is developed following the OpArc project guidelines and it’s released under the GNU GPL. The applications included in ArcheOS are:

  • CAD
    • QCad
    • PostgreSQL
    • PostGIS
    • Pgaccess
  • GIS
    • GRASS
    • QuantumGIS
    • SAGA
    • Jump
  • GPS
    • GPSDrive
    • Blender (3D)
    • The GIMP (2D advanced raster editing)
    • Inkscape (2D SVG vectors)
    • Sodipodi (2D SVG vectors)
    • Stereo
    • e-foto
    • R