Some news…

Some news from the IOSA team. I’ve been quite far from civilization in the last 30 days since I’ve been in Crete doing archaeological research (of course) with Università di Siena. It was a great month.

A few days ago, the EU Parliament voted against sofware patents, and that made me very glad, I think this is a good starting point to get OSS spread and healthy. In these sad days, I’m even believing in some true form of democracy, but I feel this won’t last :(

On July, 1st a meeting held in Bordighera, head quarter of our Istituto Internazionale di Studi Liguri, envolving mainly the young researchers like me. I could not be there, but Gianluca participated and he said to me our project was a success, and maybe we will be able to buy some new hardware. Furthermore, probably we will be soon in charge of the home website of the institute.

This site has a good deal of visitors each day, you can freely read our statistics on URI If you like it, help us spreading the word! If you have some case study to share with the community, if you are exeperiencing troubles with some piece of software, don’t hesitate! Write to us! We will be glad to help you if that is possible, and hopefully we can keep in touch.