JGrass is a free java based GIS being developed to bring Grass up-to-date as it were, and facilitate its use among a larger number of GIS professionals using a wider range of computer systems. The goals of the JGRASS project are:

  • Portablility, enabling GRASS to be fully functional on the Windows, Unix/Linux and Mac-OS platforms;
  • Extensiblity, providing a framework for the incorporation of user developed modules to provide specialised functions such as visual representations or graphical interaction with the map data;
  • Standalone/Networked Access, allowing standalone operation interacting with local and networked databases, but also allowing remote access to its spatial processing capabilities to enable group interactions;
  • Scripting, providing a java based scripting engine to allow the development of application scripts;
  • Ease of Use, providing all the features common to state of the art GIS applications.

JGRASS aims to bring GRASS to production environments as opposed to the research environment. The improved user interface and scripting facility will allow an application oriented user environment focused on the task to be performed.